About the Writer

I’m a writer who has survived teaching English for three years in the trenches of a public high school. (Cue the mental image of a frazzled teacher lady with glasses askew and hair all in a mess)

With the creative outlet of writing, I am a much happier and saner (not completely sane, just saner) person.  High school students are also much happier and saner (I hope) with some kind of creative outlet.

But like the students, I come up with all sorts of reasons as to why I’ve not been able to write: the boring ‘I have to wash my hair’ ones, the ‘nephews are coming’ family ones, and all the ones that launch my brain into la-la land on level 10 Dawdle Mode.

So this blog will be my accountability check and I will be sharing what I’m doing to dawdle, to combat the dawdling, and my creative results.  Please join me and enjoy the results of my dawdling as you dawdle by reading my blog.