Cinderella Retelling TOC

This is the Table of Contents for the fairy tale retelling of Cinderella Should Have Been A Bitch.

Genre: Fairy Tale, Romance

Warning: This Retelling contains Revenge, Black-Hearted Protagonists, and a thorough disregard for the original fairy tale.

Cinderella Should Have Been A B*tch


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, the shit hit the fan on hot and sunny day. Quite literally, and definitely on purpose, a rather large handful of horse shit was tossed onto the fan leading into the ladies’ drawing room…

Chapter 1 – Sh*t Hit The Fan

Cinderella smiled as she looked at the heaping horse shit she was shoveling out of their animal yard.  Used to the stench and the filth, she leaned down and grabbed a massive handful.  She walked into the house that used to belong to her father and headed towards the screeching of her step-sisters…

Chapter 2 – Murder

Cinderella slipped into her stepmother’s room and made her way over to the vanity.  It was an antique her father brought home for Cinderella’s birth mother on one of his first successful trading ventures.  The vanity had several secret compartments built in, but they were disguised by the decorative carvings. Cinderella intended to see if her stepmother was hiding anything…

Chapter 3 – Secrets and Blackmail

Her father’s will apparently saved Cinderella’s life, and it explained why she was never beaten and still at least had some food and medicine for when she fell ill. As Lady Ingram explained to her daughters how she planned to use the estate’s maintenance funds to keep up their aristocratic appearance and “borrow” more money from the struggling trading company to purchase new dresses and jewelry for the coming social season, Cinderella continued to eavesdrop outside of the parlor…

Chapter 4 – Allies and Plots

Cinderella smiled to herself that night, knowing the time for change had come. She now had enough information in her hands to reliably start her plan to become independent and take over the family business. But she wanted to rope in some allies. She fell asleep planning how to word her business proposal to a potential ally…

Chapter 5 – Rumors and Whispers

Cinderella left the pier and her new co-conspirator allies behind. She headed to the market to pick up a few things for her own meals with money she’d hidden from her stepmother. Her stepmother truly had an abysmal sense of finances.  Lady Ingram spent money left and right for clothes and luxuries, but insisted on cutting costs for necessities, like fuel for the fires, herbs, produce, and the servants’ wages.

Chapter 6- Deceiving the Sisters

Two days later, Cinderella was able to leave the house again, although it was in the company of her stepfamily.  During the past two evenings, she made it a point to eavesdrop on her stepfamily.  Lady Ingram and her daughters did not hesitate to openly discuss their plans in their sitting room after ordering Cinderella to clean another part of the house. Thus, Cinderella was aware of their plan to contact a shady merchant who dealt mainly in information the next time they went out.  They intended to pay the merchant for names of young noblemen who were womanizers and willing to ruin a lady’s reputation for a price. 

This Fairy Tale Retelling is an ongoing story. Most of what is posted will be first draft material. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Jules the Dawdling Writer

Let’s Change the Story!

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