Weekend Writing Prompt: Your Best Friend Calls to Ask for Help…

It’s 2 O’Clock in the morning and your best friend calls unexpectedly to ask for help…

Option A: Bestie needs help burying a body (A real, literal, legitimate corpse).

Option B: Bestie needs help destroying an evil organization that has been harming people in the area you grew up, and it’s the root cause of a death in Bestie’s family.

Inspiration: It has been said that you will discover who your true friends are when you screw up big time, when you are down and out, and when actions need to be taken (because a lot of people are all talk).

As an introvert, I have a few tried and true friends who would be willing to take action for me, and vice versa.

Though I hope I never get these particular two options when my friends call, I am perfectly willing to let my characters go through this!

Let the chaos and the train wreck begin!

PS: I’m still working on last week’s prompt, too. I am really enjoying the chaos and nonsense that’s happening due to our orc, kobald, and dryad trio. I’ll post it when I’ve gotten to a good stopping place.