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Current Work In Progress: Gravely Mistaken

Did you ever wish you had magic? Have you ever wished for magic so desperately that you were willing to pay any price for any kind of magic at all?
If you thought that the kind of magic didn’t matter at all, you were gravely mistaken.

Our young hero lives in a world full of adventure, where even the most ordinary people have some amount of magic, but our young hero has never shown any indication of being able to use magic, or so he thinks. Unable to fit in and pushed to the side, our young hero finally has a chance encounter with someone- or something- that is able to change his fate. His desperation for any kind of magic at all leads to a grave mistake.

When asked what kind of magic he wants, the response of “any kind of magic will do” leads to the last kind of magic that our hero expected. The kind of magic that will cause both the most powerful and the ordinary people in the kingdom to begin a hunt to kill him.

Now a budding dark magician, will our young hero be able to learn to wield this bone-chilling magic while running from everyone in the kingdom?

And what price will the one who granted him this new magic demand of him in return?

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