31 Daily Writing Prompts for March 2023

Besides the month of March, what else comes in like a lion, out like a lamb?

I don’t know either, but I could definitely create a character that initially seems scary and aggressive, but turns out to be a real softy inside.

Let’s take a look at this month’s daily writing prompts. Once again, these prompts are inspired by holidays and historical events. They are intended to be used for fiction, but can be adapted to journaling if you so choose. Also, feel free to substitute one of the bonus prompts (located at the end of the post) if you find one isn’t inspiring you.

Let’s stop dawdling and get to writing!

A picture of cherry blossoms that normally bloom in March or springtime in North America.
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Daily Writing Prompts:

  1.  Plan a Solo Vacation Day – Have your character plan their ideal vacation, only for it all to go sideways.  What does your character discover about themselves in the process?
  2.   International Rescue Cat Day – Have one of your characters talk about their rescue cat and how it behaves. Is it a grumpy cat or a clingy cat? What is the rescue story? (If you are a dog lover and would prefer to write about a rescue dog, go ahead)
  3.   Dress In Blue Day – Write a scene in which your character’s blue attire is significant. Is it a “power suit,” a uniform, the blue on the wedding day, or the blue that matches their significant other’s eyes?
  4.   Holy Experiment Day – Write a scene where your character is invited to participate in an event of religious significance of a faith that is different from their own.  How do they view the experience and what do they learn?
  5.   Namesake Day – Write about a character’s backstory, specifically who they are named after. Is it a direct relative or ancestor? Someone who meant a lot to the parents? A national hero? How does your character feel about their name? Do they love it, hate it, or choose to go by a middle or nickname so it’s not as recognizable?
  6.   National Day of Unplugging – Write a scene where your character unplugs.  Is it from social media? From a cyber network (woohoo Sci-Fi!)? Do they have to make the choice to “unplug” a loved one from life support?
  7.   Town Meeting Day (Vermont) – Write a scene where your character attends a town meeting, and drama ensues.  Is your character involved in the drama? Does one of the town elders have a scandal revealed? Did someone on the town council accept a bribe from a big corporation?
  8.   International Working Women’s Day – Write a dialogue exchange between your main character and a woman who has been working in her position (or at the same company) for 30+ years.
  9.   False Teeth Day – Write a scene where your character finds false teeth in an unlikely location. Who do they belong to and how did they get there?
  10.   International Find a Pay Phone Booth Day – Write a scene where your character must find a pay phone booth (or public communication station for you Sci-Fi writers, telegram office or a message runner for you historical writers). Who do they need to contact and what’s the message? And if your character normally has a phone or communicator, why isn’t it working properly?
  11.  National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day – Write a dialogue exchange between one of your main characters and a funeral director or mortician. Where does your character meet this person? Is it a social setting? Part of their job (mystery writers for the win!)? Or an unfortunate passing of someone your character knows?
  12.   The 1st steam engine installation in America, to pump water from a mine in 1755 – Write a scene in which your character is involved either in the installation of a new technology, investing in technological advancements, or in business ventures dealing with mining in the hopes of striking it rich one day.
  13.   Jewel Day- Have your character give or receive jewelry.  What is the jewel and its significance? Is it an award for recognition of the character’s efforts? Is it a romantic gesture? Is it a trap due to stolen gemstones?
  14.   Bake a Pie on Pi day – Have your character bake or eat a pie pastry, or have them make mathematical puns within dialogue.
  15.   Ides of March – Write a scene where your character is stabbed in the back (either literally or metaphorically) by a friend and confidant.
  16.   St. Urho Day – Create a fictional saint that saves a town or region from an agricultural pest.
  17.   Red Nose Day – Write a scene where your character interacts with a campaign to end child poverty and ensure children are safe, healthy, educated, and empowered. Who is running the campaign? How did your character get involved or encounter the campaign members? How does your character react to the encounter?
  18.   National Awkward Moments Day – Write a scene in which your characters have an awkward moment. What happens? Why is it awkward for them? How do they break the tension? Do they pretend like it never happened? Do they laugh about it?
  19.   In 1687, Explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle was killed by his own men while searching for the mouth of the Mississippi River – Write a scene where your character participates in mutiny. What drove your character to it? What happens after the mutiny takes place? Who is in charge?
  20.   First Day of Spring – How does your main character react to the arrival of spring? Do they love or hate the season? Do they have allergies? Is it a wet or dry spring?
  21.   International Day of Forests and the Trees – Write a scene set in the forest. How does your character react to being in the forest? Are they right at home? Out of their element? Are they there for a fun camping experience, or are they on the run from someone and are hiding while trying to survive?
  22. National Water Day – Write a scene where water is important. Is it set at sea? On a river? In a desert? Is a dam about to break? Have recent rains created the danger of mudslides? Is it the lack of water that’s the problem (drought)? Does your character have a supernatural or psychic power dealing with water?
  23.   Near Miss Day – Write a scene where your character has a near miss.  Is it in a fight? A car accident? A pregnancy scare?
  24.   In 1603, Scottish King James VI becomes the King of England, and Tokugawa Ieyasu is granted the title of Shogun. In 1801 Aleksandr Pavlovich Romanov becomes Tsar.  – Write a scene where a character attends the coronation event of the national leader. What happens? Is it a peaceful coronation?
  25.   Be Mad Day – Write a scene with dialogue wehre your main character is angry. What made them angry? What is their anger reaction? Do they yell, curse, or lecture someone? Do they want to hit things? Do they pace? Get red in the face?
  26.   Make up your own holiday day – Create a new holiday for your character to celebrate.
  27.   Exchange Day – Write a scene with an international exchange student. Where are they from? Is there some sort of culture shock this student is experiencing? Is there a language barrier? (If you write Sci-Fi, are they from another galaxy?)
  28.   In 1794, the Louvre opened to the public – Write a scene where your character visits an art museum (it doesn’t necessarily have to be the Louvre). What pieces of art is your character interested in? Is it a famous art museum or a run down one? Are the pieces they show real or replicas? Stolen or ethically sourced? How did your character hear about this museum?
  29.   Smoke and Mirrors Day – Write a scene where your character either encounters or creates a deceptive illusion.
  30.  World Bipolar Day – Write a scene with a bipolar character.  Is their condition affecting the choices they are making at the moment? How so?
  31.  National Bunsen Burner Day – Write a scene with a scientific, chemical, or alchemical experiment. Does it go well or does it go awry? What were your characters trying to create?

Bonus Prompts:

  •  In 1279, a naval battle won by the Mongolians ended the Song Dynasty in China – Write a battle scene involving ships. (Naval, Space Forces, Sand Ships, etc. – Modify the “ships” to fit your preferred setting)
  • National Fragrance Day – Write a scene where fragrance has significance. Is the fragrance a tool to help your characters remember something important? Does it help them recognize another character?
  • World Day of Metta (Buddhist principle of unconditional loving and kindness) – Write a scene where your character gives or receives unconditional loving and kindness. Is it difficult for your character to give or receive this emotion?
  • International Transgender Day of Visibility – Write a scene with a transgender character.
  • Transfer Day – Write a scene where a character is transferred to another department or location for work.

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