28 Daily Writing Prompts for February 2023

A prompt a day keeps writer’s block away!

Here are 28 writing prompts (plus a few bonus ones at the end) to get you going during February. These prompts are inspired by holidays and historical events.

Some of these prompts ask you to write about yourself, but they can easily be written from the point of view of your characters if you are writing fiction. Feel free to modify the prompts as you are inspired by them. Also feel free to swap out a prompt for one of the bonus prompts if you are feeling stuck.

  1. Global School Play Day – Write about a school play you’ve been in or write a scene where a school play devolves into chaos.
  2. Ground Hog Day – Write either a cozy winter or warm spring scene.
  3.  The Day the Music Died – Write about your favorite music band.
  4.  Mailman Appreciation Day – Write about a letter or package delivery gone awry.
  5.  National Weatherman’s Day – Create a scene where the weatherman is swept away.
  6.  Bob Marley’s Birthday – Write about a singer/songwriter who blends several genres together and creates something entirely new.
  7.  Wave all your fingers at your neighbor day – Write about a neighbor that has a screw or two loose and you are sure is from hell (or heaven, if you’d like to go that route)
  8.  Kite Flying Day – Create a scene where something unusual is being used as a kite or journal about the most impressive kite flying you’ve ever seen.
  9.  Toothache Day – Give one of your characters a toothache in a new scene. What caused it and how are they going to deal with it?
  10.  Umbrella Day – If you could pick anyone in the world to share your umbrella with, who would it be and why?
  11.  White T-Shirt Day – Write about a sit-down protest in a dirty environment, where the goal was to keep your shirt as clean as the boss’s shirt. (Inspired by the United Auto Workers strike at General Motors in 1937)
  12.  Superbowl Sunday – Write a scene with an American Football player or a dramatic scene set at a Superbowl Party.
  13.  Get a Different Name Day – If you could change your name or nickname, what would you change it to, and why?
  14.  Valentine’s Day – Create a scene about a rose bouquet delivery, but the color of the flowers isn’t red. What color are they, what does it mean in the language of flowers, and who are they being sent to?
  15.  Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday – Write about an advocate for a cause you care deeply about.
  16.  The Toddler’s Truce Ends – Write about an unlikely collaboration between parents and a corporation.
  17.  Parent-Teacher Association Founded – Write about a PTA meeting dissolving into chaos as a child releases an unusual pet.
  18.  National Drink Wine Day – Write about a time you or someone else imbibed a little too much.
  19.  National Chocolate Mint Day – Mint Chocolate – Do you love it or hate it? Why?
  20.  President’s Day – Write about a leader you admire (they don’t have to be a president of anything).
  21.  Malcolm X’s Assassination – Write about the impact that the violent death of our leaders or heroes has on us.  
  22.  International World Thinking Day- Set aside today to think of others, think or learn about health issues, and consider what the word “think” means to you.
  23.  Steve Jobs’s Birthday – Write about a pioneer in technology, but who is also a savvy business leader.
  24.  National Pancake Week – Write about your favorite pancake memory or write a scene where your characters are on a mission to get pancakes.
  25.  International Sword Swallowers Day – Write a scene that includes a sword swallower.
  26.  National Pistachio Day – Write about your favorite nuts or create a scene where nuts or shells are used to start a bar fight.
  27.   International Polar Bear Day – Write a scene that includes the world’s largest carnivore (yet it still somehow manages to look “friend shaped”).
  28.  Public Sleeping Day – Write about a time you (or your character) accidentally fell asleep in public. What happened?

Bonus Prompts

Yukon Quest – Write about a race through a frozen landscape.

Insanity Plea – Write a scene where the criminal attempts to use the Insanity Plea. Do they succeed? Why or why not?

Sports Records – Write about a character breaking (or absolutely destroying) the scoring record for a single game.

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