Individual Teleportation Devices will be available for purchase… Writing Prompt

Thanks to a scientific advancement in manipulating energy, teleportation has become the new logistics and transportation field. The transfer of goods is done through large teleportation gates, but recently the government has announced that a miniature version, which would allow for a human to teleport individually, will be available in the coming months.

The catch is that the GPS tracking is always on and reporting back to the Teleport Traffic Controllers.

Create a character in this world and continue the story.

Decide if your character is a science researcher and working on the development of this technology, a business entrepreneur looking to strike it rich in a new field, or even a rogue who sees a dystopian governmental plot to further control the populace.

Inspiration: There are several things that inspired this weekend’s prompt.

  1. Anne McCaffrey’s Talent series (the ones with the psychic FT&T company)
  2. GPS Tracking on smartphones
  3. Personal Data Tracking on smartphones and the internet
  4. Nightcrawler (X-Men franchise)
  5. My personal desire to be able to disappear and go anywhere else when I do something awkward.