June Writing Challenge Week 2

#JuneWritingChallenge is hosted by @writer_posts @writing_inspiration @writing_is_my_anchor and @memesforwriters on Instagram. One of the keys to creating a writing routine is to write often and regularly. I am attempting to use writing challenges and prompts (my own and others) to get develop my own writing routine.

Here are my responses to the Week 2 prompts.

Source: @writer_posts Instagram

June 8: Share the title of your WIP

My working title is “Project Grey,” formerly known as “Gravely Mistaken.”  I am not quite ready to reveal (or settle on) an actual name of the book.  This is also in case I get the gumption to send out queries to agents and editors for traditional publishing, in which case the title might be liable to change again.

I do have a name in mind, but all I will say is the initials might potentially be DDF.

June 9: Comfortable writing outfit

When it’s warm: tank top, shorts / leggings, flip flops, and hair pulled up into ponytail, braid, or bun.

When it’s cold: Sweater/ Cardigan over shirt, jeans, fuzzy socks (or at least socks and shoes), and hair up.

My hair always goes up because I cannot keep myself from messing with it when it’s down.  It looks like a nervous tic, or like I’m not actually paying attention.

June 10: Favorite Notebook

For Bullet Journaling: I am currently enjoying using the Walmart Exceed brand of dotted journals.  The paper is thick enough that most pens do not bleed through, although there is some ghosting.  I have not yet tried watercolor paints on it, but I would like to at some point.  Plus, the Exceed journals came in different sizes and amount of papers.  I chose the medium (A5) size.  They also had A4 (8.5 x 11 inch) available, as well as smaller travel sizes.  The variety of the amount of paper was also nice, so I was able to choose a notebook with nearly 200 pages in it.  This will last me the entire year rather than needing to buy a notebook every six months.  And the price point is much lower than most of the “bullet journals” on the market.

For Taking Notes, Outlining, and Essays: I still enjoy using either the Five Star spiral bound notebooks or just loose leaf college ruled paper.  The pages of the Five Star notebooks are perforated, which means that I can take them out and transfer them to a different notebook.  Or I can just rip the page out if I do not need it anymore.  I don’t have to worry about ruining the binding of a notebook.  The line spacing feels comfortable and familiar.  It is nice to keep me focused and analytical when taking notes/ writing in a more academic style.

The One That Got Away:  I still occasionally think of the notebook that got away.  I purchased a nicely bound hardcover journal with perforated pages for my creative writing class the last semester of my undergraduate studies. I believe I got it at either Walmart or Office Depot.  However, at the end of the course, we had to turn in our notebook with our weekly writings for a grade.  The graduate student was not available when I went to pick the notebook up, so I graduated without being able to get my notebook back.  I moved out of the town where my college was located, so my notebook was thrown away as an “abandoned” notebook.

June 11: Create a writer meme

When writers are required to do things other than write:  Ooh, I’ve got a great idea! If only I had the time to write it down.

When writers have time to write: I never know what to write.

June 12: One sentence story

The fun thing about sentences is that their structures can vary greatly, allowing you to do some awesome things!

A young boy goes on an adventure.

Although confined to a hospital bed, a young boy goes on an adventure in a VR game.

A young boy goes on an adventure in a VR game and he rescues a girl.

Although confined to a hospital bed, a young boy goes on an adventure in a VR Game and he rescues a girl, who turns out to be a real life vampire; She visits him in the hospital and bites him, transferring the power of regeneration to him at the cost of his humanity.

June 13: Create a Book Meme

Reader: I’ll get out of this chair and work on my to-do list as soon as I finish with this chapter.

Four Hours Later: That was a great book. Wait, where’d the sun go?

June 14: Favorite Writing Location

My favorite writing location is at my desk, surrounded by my laptop, sticky notes, notebooks, and a plethora of pens.

Let me know if you are participating in the June Writing Challenge, or if you are doing any other writing prompt lists.

June Writing Challenge Week 3 will be posted 6/15/2020 at 10AM EST