Book Crush Week Day 1

#bookcrushweek is a writing prompt and journaling challenge hosted on Instagram by @alliearnestwrites @camgillings @cam_meze and @authorbeccaday

Source: @alliearnestwrites Instagram Post

June 8th: Book World: You get trapped in a book. Which book is it? Why choose this world to get stuck in?

I would like to get stuck in either Mercedes Lackey’s Joust/Alta book world or Anne McCaffrey’s Pern.  I would love to get stuck there because there are dragons!  The dragons are friendly when they create an impression bond upon hatching. And yes, I am willing to be trapped in these story worlds if I have an opportunity to become a dragon rider.

In some ways, I prefer McCaffrey’s Pern because there is a more detailed system of education and music, and less of an emphasis on religious and political conflict that could occur.  But on the other hand, Pern has the threat of the “thread” from the ORT cloud that could potentially turn the world’s soil sterile and the dragon riders fight that. 

Lackey’s Alta, although it does have more religious and political conflict, tends to have less plagues and diseases that wipe out great portions of either the human or dragon population than Pern has.

Ideally, of course, I would be trapped in either world after the conflicts outlined in the story has been resolved, and I get to revel in being a dragon rider without getting dragged into the conflicts.

What world would you like to be trapped in?

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