June Writing Challenge Week 3

#JuneWritingChallenge is hosted by @writer_posts @writing_inspiration @writing_is_my_anchor and @memesforwriters on Instagram. One of the keys to creating a writing routine is to write often and regularly. I am attempting to use writing challenges and prompts (my own and others) to get develop my own writing routine.

Here are my responses to the Week 3 prompts.

June 15: Helpful Writing Chart

There are a wide variety of helpful writing charts, so I just chose a few. The first one is an infographic which depicts the different fiction length categories and the word count range they each require.

The next few are helpful grammar guides, including lay vs lie, who vs whom, and passed vs past. I have used all of these while teaching grammar after noticing older students continually confusing the issues. It is also a helpful refresher for me, as well!

Another helpful cheat sheet is one for Active Verbs. This comes in handing when writing academically, but it also helps my fiction writing.

June 16: What is your Go-To Writing Snack?

Any snack that is not too greasy.  I will take chips, crackers, cookies, skittles, etc.  I will usually eat savory snacks in the afternoon and sweet snacks in the evening. I prefer snacks that can be eaten with one hand, and with no need for a napkin or utensils.

I am a bit of a mindless eater. I just want to snack on something while I am entertained by whatever I am writing, reading, or watching.

June 17: Live Writing Sessions

The original hosts of this challenge suggest that you attend a live writing session on their Instagram (@writer_posts), and I also suggest that you attend some writing sprints. I will be hosting live writing sprints on The Dawdling Writer YouTube channel from 1-3 PM EST. Come and join me to do some writing, editing, outlining, or just be productive.

June 18: Write by hand today in pen/pencil

Writing by hand forces you to chose your words more carefully as it is more difficult to erase or alter the words.  It also makes you slow down as handwriting speed is usually slower than typing speed, giving you more time to think about what it is that you want to say. It can make you plan more, and therefore you writing becomes more organized and well thought out.  It also helps you remember it more when you write by hand as it activates a section of your brain known to be linked with long term memory.

And like most writers, I have a pen collection that far surpasses what I will ever actually write by hand.

I looked it up, and one ballpoint pen will write approximately 50,000 words. That is approximately 200 handwritten pages (250 words per page). I have a total of 256 pens at the moment (not including fountain pens), which means that I would have to write approximately 51,200 pages by hand before beginning to run out of my pen collection.

June 19: Create a New Character

My character profile sheet needed an update to include motives and driving forces. Here are my sample sheets, and below the images is the link to download the PDF, should you be interested. Let me know if you would like a Google or Word doc version to edit on your own.

June 20: Books that inspired you to be a writer.

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp by R. L. Stine was the book that directly inspired my first work.  I loved Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  I devoured the Andrew Lang Fairy Tale books at the library. I also loved romance books at a young age (my parents told me that I couldn’t read them, so I sneakily read them starting as early as 5th grade).

June 21: Favorite words to use when writing

Maven is a fun word that I like to occasionally sprinkle into my works. I also love to use Shakespearean style insults. I don’t think many writers get creative enough with insults most times. But I am guilty of this as well, which I why I like to throw in some old-school theatrical insults.

That is the end of Week 3 of the June Writing Challenge. Let me know if you have any favorite writing charts or words to use. Also, if you are doing this challenge on your blog as well, drop a link in the comments. I’d love to see what other writers think.

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