Analytics for September 2020 (YouTube and Writing Statistics)

It’s Analytics Time! Cue the music for Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Captain Planet.  Or don’t, because they are copyrighted material.

September 2020 is the first official month of the Milwordy Challenge. Don’t know what the Milwordy Challenge is? You can read my post about the Milwordy challenge, and see how I did during August, when I was checking if it was even possible.

The monthly word count goal for a half-Milwordy, which is what I was aiming for, is 41,667 words for the month.  If you attempted the full Milwordy Challenge, the goal would be 83,333 words for the month.

This post will go over my analytics for my small YouTube channel and my writing for the month of September 2020. Keep reading if you want to know if I hit my goal.

Psst!  There’s a video version of this post on The Dawdling Writer YouTube channel if you’re interested.

YouTube Analytics

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September 2020 Numbers

Number of Videos Posted (including livestreams): 19 (4 less than last month)

Number of Views: 1,909

Watch Time: 906.5 Hours

Subscriber Growth: +30

Total Subscribers at the end of the month: 265

5 Months of Livestreaming Totals

Number of Videos: 110

Number of Views: 7,371

Watch Time: 3,854.4

Subscriber Growth: +233

Writing Analytics

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The Milwordy Challenge (read about it in this blog post) officially started on September 1st. As I said earlier, I am attempting the Half-Milwordy Challenge, which means I need to write 500,000 words in the next year.  Because of that, I am tracking my word counts closely and attempting to see which type of writing I tend to do more of (novels, web content, journaling, etc.).

September 2020 Writing Totals

Pages Edited: 203

Words in Novels WIPs: 20,943

Words in Novellas/Short Story WIPs: 4,788

Words in Web content (blogs, video scripts, etc.): 6,840

Words in Research & Notes: 12,986

Words in Journal: 11,740

Monthly Word Count: 57,297 words

This word count means I have exceeded the Half-Milwordy monthly goal, which was 41,667 words, by 15,630 words! 

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Last month, I was concerned that my Novel WIPs word count was my smallest category. I made sure that they took a front burner this month, and I am pleased with the end result.

I am happy to report that I have made progress a great deal of progress with Project Grey, my YA fantasy, and it is at the point where I can begin writing the second draft during October.  I am also working on the outline for the second and third act of the sequel, Project Grey 2.  The new addition to my projects is the one I am outlining for Preptober and NaNoWriMo of this year.  It is the novel I will be attempting to write based on the moon phases – you can read about the Moon Phase Writing Challenge HERE.

During September, I wrote less than my enormous 65K words from August, but more than the other months I have been livestreaming.  It feels like progress and momentum are building in my writing habits and routines, which is lovely.

If you are interested in joining me for some live writing or productivity sprints, here is the link to The Dawdling Writer YouTube channel, where I hold sprints MWF 1-3 PM Eastern and Sunday 2-5 PM Eastern every week.

Current WIPs:

Project Grey (YA Fantasy) – Draft 2 Outlining Stage

Project Moon Phase – Planning Stage

Project Grey 2 (YA Fantasy sequel) – Planning Stage

Cinderella Should Have Been a B*tch (Fairy Tale Retelling) – Drafting Stage

Shiny New Idea that is tempting me to spend hours researching medical things (Murder Mystery) – Planning Stage

Project Heartbeat (Romance Novella) – Dropped because it was bad and boring