Weekend Writing Prompt: The Hero Accidentally Becomes the Villain

Some of us are just clumsy and manage to trip over absolutely anything (and nothing). Others are accidental walking destroyers, who manage to break 9 out of 10 things they pick up. So what happens if our hero is this kind of person? Will things truly be alright?

Our Hero could accidentally break the holy sword or shield, stab the princess after the demon (or maybe the princess was the demon), or get lost and never find his way to the quest target, and is thought of as the most evil traitor to the kingdom and a demon in his or her own right.

Continue the story from the point that the Hero accidentally becomes the new Villain.

Inspiration: @DirtySciFiBuddha posted in this Musing in November about writing with a change in perspective, specifically, switching the protagonist with the antagonist. This idea started to percolate, and then I began to ask myself how the characters switched roles, which resulted in this prompt.

I have used the changed perspective when teaching narrative writing, but I don’t do it too often in my own writing, so I thought I would challenge myself.