Book Crush Week Day 2

#bookcrushweek is a writing prompt and journaling challenge hosted on Instagram by @alliearnestwrites @camgillings @cam_meze and @authorbeccaday

Source: @alliearnestwrites Instagram

June 9: Damsel Adventures: You find yourself in need of rescuing. Which story hero do you call for aid? Why?

I would call for Tamora Pierce’s Daine from the Wild Magic series. 

She’s an interesting hero in that she is very down to earth and tries to use common sense in all she does, but she is also able to transform into any animal that she wishes.  She also has Kitten, the baby dragon, who I would love to meet!

I thought about George, who is the ultimate lovable rogue, but I decided I would rather meet Kitten. Although, if George was willing to teach me how to pick locks, that decision would be a bit harder.

I thought about Alanna from Pierce’s The Lioness series, but she’s a bit too impatient and hotheaded. 

I am also willing to be rescued by Lady Knight Keladry from the Protector of the Small series because she is also level headed and calm (except when dealing with the Chamber and heights). Plus, seeing her surrounded by her rag-tag gang of small animals while she goes off on an adventure would be really fun.

In other words, I would call for just about any one of Tamora Pierce’s lady heroes.

If you want to know why I wouldn’t want to be rescued by a guy, well, I just want to be friends with some of these really cool ladies! #Fangirl

Who would you want to rescue you?

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