Weekend Writing Prompt: What you wish was taught at school

Schools can be a very chaotic place, and often you might have learned lessons that were not on the teacher’s agenda. Instead, you may have been learning how to deal with gossip and bullying, overcome a learning disability, self-esteem issues, and interpersonal relationships.

So while we were figuring out how to not look like a total dork in front of people we liked, we may have (definitely) missed out on a couple of things in class.

Then, because of political shenanigans and pressure, the districts and states often put their say-so into what should be taught, and how much time should be given to prepare students for the next useless standardized test (not that I’m biased or anything). So certain things that used to be taught were set aside in order to provide more room for test prep and review.

So what do you wish you were taught or actually learned while you were in school?

For me, the list is as follows:

1.Penmanship/Cursive handwriting

Learning to write cursive as an adult means you get to go back to childhood for a while!

My family moved from Utah to Georgia in the middle of 3rd grade (I was 8 ½ at the time). My brother and I missed a week of school. When we left Utah, I was just beginning to learn how to write cursive letters, but when I entered class in Georgia, students were practicing paragraphs.

However, after learning cursive in the 3rd grade, we never were required to use it, so I lost it all rather quickly. My current print handwriting also looks like ugly chicken-scratch, so I’ve recently picked up a kid’s cursive workbook in an attempt to fix at least this list item.

2. How to fill out tax forms comfortably

Although I took Advanced Placement classes in Government and Economics, we never filled out any practice tax forms. We didn’t do any of that in Math classes either, so now as an adult, the pit of my stomach churns every year when I am second and triple guessing myself as I fill out my tax forms.

Although from talking with previous students, there are now courses in the mathematics department which do teach budgeting and tax skills. They call these classes financial literacy classes in my neck of the woods.  I love that the schools and education department have implemented this in some form or fashion.

3. Coding

I took the beginning business classes in middle and high school, but they were mainly focused on typing and Microsoft office products. I wish that I could have learned about the basics of coding as well, since websites have become one of the primary sources of communication, and their design and user interface is very important.

4. Video & Photo Editing

Following along with Coding, I also wish that I had learned video and photo editing skills. These are so important now for giving presentations and in new and relevant educational materials.

Let me know what you wish you learned while in school! Did you have any of these on your list?

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