The Language of Flowers Writing Prompt

The Language of Flowers has been used as a way to communicate with loved ones, but it can also be used to communicate negative emotions.

Japanese Tulip Tree/ Japanese Magnolia

In some plant and color symbolism resources, a yellow rose can be used to communicate the feeling of affectionate friendship, but others list the yellow rose as symbolizing jealousy.

And while flowers are often seen as the main component in this symbolic language, trees and grasses can also be considered to be a part of the lexiconography. For instance, the pine tree can symbolize mourning.

Camellia Image

However, the majority of the symbolism and color charts that are readily available are based on books published in Europe around the Victorian Era. These records usually do not include a “secondary definition” which specifies the symbolic meaning from a different part of the world.

In the West, chrysanthemums can mean love, truth, and friendship based on the color, but in Asia, the same flower is used for mourning and funeral arrangements.

In the West, brides wear white and use it in flower arrangements to show purity, and in Asia, brides wear read to symbolize good luck and fortune.

Why do we have such a history of creating such symbolism? It allows us to show that we are intentionally adding meaning to certain actions, or emphasizes emotions that we feel towards others or events. This allows us to add layers of depth to our interactions and communications with others.

Prompt: Write a scene in which a character utilizes the Language of Flowers and color symbolism to communicate.

Here are some sites that you may find useful:


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