Writing in Quarter 1

After NANOWRIMO, I fell off the bandwagon for writing as much each day. I still have not completed the first draft of Gravely Mistaken, but I have added another 15K words and done some initial edits.

My 1st Quarter goals were extremely ambitious and made during the high of winning NANOWRIMO for the first time. Those goals have not yet been achieved, so now I’ve been adjusting the rest of the quarterly and yearly goals.

However, I did enroll in an online class called “Publish and Sell your E-book,” and I have taken copious notes on the different things that I had no clue were involved in self publishing a book.

I did not realize that copyright registration and ISBN registration were different things. And apparently you need a different ISBN for every format of your book you have. Which means the print version has one, and the Amazon Kindle version has a different one, as does the Mobi version, and other electronic formats. If you have pictures in one electronic version, the text only ebook version has a different ISBN.

It’s a good thing they sell ISBN numbers in batches.

I’ve been editing and rewriting book descriptions and playing around with different ideas for the cover designs for not only this book, but for the entire series.

I’ve been researching which distributors will work best for me. Do I want to go with Amazon only, and if so, do I want to do KDP Select? Do I want to use a distributor like Smashwords, which gives you an ISBN for the EPub version of your book?

Pricing: Do I want to consider using a loss leader price for the first book? What profit margin do I want; which distributors give the best royalty percentages?

There are so many things to consider when publishing a book, and you have to begin thinking about all of them even as you are writing. It’s a lot to take in, and I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed (still determined, but a wee bit overwhelmed).

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