The Book Launch Planner

Finally, someone created a planner, an agenda, specifically for publishing a book!

Mandi Lynn, an author, youtuber, and book cover designer, is publishing The Book Launch Planner, an undated planner with a ton of check lists, tips, and advice on how and when to launch your next self-published book.

I got my greedy little hands on this brand anew planner, and ooh, is it nice!

What’s So Special About It?

Note: Affiliate Link at the bottom of the post.

It’s like a combination of a writer’s workbook and a planner.

Picture by Julianne Turner (aka Jules the Dawdling Writer)

There are workbook pages that allow you to clearly state, in your own mind and then on paper, who your ideal reader is, what your book pitch is, what genre keywords are going to ensure that you rise in the book rankings on Amazon or other distributors, etc.

This planner is chock full of these kinds of worksheets what guide you through the process of defining exactly what the book’s niche’s is.

Aside from the worksheets, The Book Launch Planner has a publishing To-Do List which outlines all of the major steps that you need to take, including looking into ISBN numbers, filing for copyright, setting up author profile on Goodreads, sending out Advanced Reader Copies, and so much more! 

Mandi Lynn also included different marketing technique choices that you might be interested in (as well as what some of them are – because I had no clue about some of the methods).

However, one of the highlights of The Book Launch Planner has to be the Launch Timeline, where you will find suggestions on when to do certain tasks and how long each task should take, starting from 6 months or more prior to your chosen book release date. 

The undated monthly and weekly calendar spreads also allow you to set up your calendar for up to a year in advance of your book release.

In addition to the worksheets, checklists, and calendar, The Book Launch calendar also has trackers for expenses, outsourcing and marketing contact pages, suggested templates or wording for newsletter blurbs, social media posts, and so much more.

Pst…. It has stickers, too! There are two sets of stickers, one for tracking social media posts for marketing, and the other for creating dated monthly tabs in the calendar section (as well as big ticket to-do items).

The Book Launch Planner Sticker Sheets

How Much Does It Cost?

The Book Launch Planner is $34.99 USD.  It’s currently on sale for $29.99 during Pre-Orders.  The official launch day is May 19th, 2020.

That might seem like it’s a bit expensive, but it’s a planner, workbook, how-to book, and address/contacts book all in one, and it’s geared specifically towards those of us who are interested in self-publishing.

Where Can I Find It?

You can find it at The Book Launch Planner’s Website.

If you are interested in it, I do have an affiliate link, so 10% of what you purchase helps me on my journey to publish my books!

If you want to buy it without the affiliate link:

And here’s my unboxing video over on The Dawdling Writer YouTube Channel!

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