June Writing Challenge Week 1

#JuneWritingChallenge is hosted by @writer_posts @writing_inspiration @writing_is_my_anchor and @memesforwriters on Instagram. One of the keys to creating a writing routine is to write often and regularly. I am attempting to use writing challenges and prompts (my own and others) to get develop my own writing routine.

Source: @writer_posts Instagram

June 1: What are your June Writing Goals?

Read through all of Project Grey Draft 1 (Current WIP)

Outline Project HB (novella for Camp NaNoWriMo)

Outline Project Grey 2 (WIP sequel for Camp NaNoWriMo)

Draw a Map for Project Grey

First Round of Edits for Project Grey

June 2: A Quote from your Current WIP

The sun god was the rightful heir to the sky throne, or so his priests claimed.  “When gods clash, humans are the ones who pay with their lives.” Thus begins the story of the conflict between the twin gods of the sun and death, told every year at the temple of the sun’s midsummer celebration.

June 3: Favorite Writing Software

Scrivener: I love the aspects of Scrivener which allow me to manipulate the chapters and scenes in a more visual manner via the cork board screen.  I love having project and session word count targets as well. However, I do not love the fact that most of the best features are exclusive to the MAC version of the program.

Word: I am familiar and comfortable with Microsoft Word.  I know most of the shortcut keys, tools, and features that are available within the software.  I always prefer having a word version of a document as a backup.  Also, Word is still a frequently requested or required format for submitting documents or transferring documents to others.  Additionally, it is very easy to convert the file type to other formats using the “save as” or “export” menu options.

Google Docs: I love the price (Free!) and the frequent automatic save features of Google Docs.  I also love that you can work on the same document from many different devices, and sharing becomes much easier, as long as you are working on a device connected to the internet. However, the fact that you MUST be connected to the internet to access the document can be a drawback.  What if you want to work on it and your internet is out?  I would love to have an option to work “offline” as well, which is why I am more liable to work in Word most of the time.

June 4: Favorite Writing Meme

I think my favorite writing meme or comic must be the one where a new FBI or CIA agent is being trained to monitor someone’s search history.  The new agent becomes alarmed when the person begins to look up gruesome ways to murder people. The veteran agent tells the newbie to calm down and wait for the next search.  “Why does my cat always sit on my laptop when I try to write my novel?” is the next search.   The newbie agent calms down.

June 5: Write in a new genre

I usually write fantasy, and I usually attempt to write full length novels.  I am currently outlining a novella that will be a romance story.  I will be writing the first draft of the novella during Camp NaNoWriMo in July.  I also have finished drafting the story portion of two children’s picture books. 

June 6: First line of your current WIP

See #2. The sun god was the rightful heir to the sky throne, or so his priests claimed.

June 7: Do a Writing Prompt

Character Archetype Prompts for June 2020 from The Dawdling Writer

Protagonist: Destroyer

Antagonist: Teacher

SideKick: Lover

Once upon a time, a student transferred in to a very conservative school He began to challenge the authority figures of the school in various ways.  He changed the color of his hair frequently to bright and vibrant colors, he wore clothes with political messages, and he argued for his freedom of speech and expression when the authority figures of the school tried to tame him. The teachers, instructors, and principal all try to make him conform and obey the rules of their mini-world, but he refused.  His logic and arguments showed the discrimination in the system and in their bias.  Other students began to follow him, breaking the order of the school and causing the “chaos” of an activist movement.  All because he wanted to date and bring his boyfriend to prom.  What a silly thing to still be fighting in 2020.

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