2021 Yearly Overview Tarot Spread

2020 has been an insane year, and I’m pretty sure that we all hope 2021 will be a better year. With that hope in mind, pulling Tarot Cards to get a glimpse of what the future might hold is a fun, hopeful, and yet reflective exercise.

Disclaimer and Warning: I am a hobbyist, and in no way a professional Tarot reader, nor do I believe you can get medical, financial, or relationship answers from the cards. They are intended to be a self-reflective tool to get you to recognize warning signs you have already been seeing.

 I am ready to set up my planner and goals for 2021, so I thought I would try a yearly overview Tarot spread.

Of course, as a relative newbie to using Tarot spreads, I turned to the internet for examples of how to arrange a yearly overview spread. I found a spread from Jassplace.com that I was intrigued by. It uses one card for each month, then an additional card for each season or quarter of the year. This is a total of 16 Tarot Cards.

As an addition to this, the creator of this spread used oracle cards to seek advice for how to approach the year. This step is optional, but I found it intriguing.

Card Layout from Jassplace.com

*Side note, I do not have a deck of oracle cards, but I found a website that will allow you to virtually pull cards and try several of the decks for free. It was built for Colette Baron-Reid’s decks. I’ll put it HERE for you, because I like several of the decks, and once there is room in the budget, I will be picking up one or two of these decks. (Not Sponsored or Affiliated in any way)

I used the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck and the digital Spirit Animal Oracle Deck for this spread. 

What my 2021 Yearly Overview looks like with the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck.

For the Winter or 1st Quarter (January through March)

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

First Quarter Theme: The Emperor

2020 was the year of the Emperor.  It was both fitting and interesting to pull this card for the theme of the first quarter (Jan. through Mar.).

The emperor can be a guiding leader, but he can also be a tyrant. In 2020, we definitely saw more of his tyrant side.  With the end of the year and the transition of power from Trump to Biden (I’m an American), there will be some leftover energy as we lead into the beginning of 2021. I am hoping that energy clears up and shifts to the 2021 card, which is the Hierophant (a teacher and a return to values and morals).

January – Northern Position – 5 of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

This is a card of crippling poverty and the fear that it inspires. It is halfway through the pentacle’s journey, and it usually indicates a false defeat of some sort. If this is a card that indicates the body rather than finances, it could be a warning against an injury or physical setback.  The five of pentacles is a card that indicates material troubles, fear, anxiety, loss, and chaos. In the relationship realm, this could also mean trouble with love, debauchery and licentiousness, or discord, harmony, and conflict between people.

This is when the transition of power between the presidents will come into play, and I am hoping this card is not indicative of the chaos that transition could cause.

February – High Priestess

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

February is one of my best friends’ birth month. She is highly intuitive, although her personal card is the Empress, she has always been a high priestess in many regards simply because of her guiding abilities.  (She’s the main person who I discuss Tarot and Astrology with. She started her own business, and you can find her at www.learntarotology.com to learn more about the conjunction of Tarot and Astrology.)

The high priestess is a card of intuitive wisdom and understanding.  She is viewed as a gatekeeper of the door to the unknown.  This card is one that emphasizes not only intuition, spirituality, and wisdom, but also secrets, the unrevealed future, and sometimes silence.

Based on pulling this card, February will be a month for me really listen to my intuition rather than my logical self.

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

March – 2 of Cups

The two of cups is a card that deals with relationships.  The positive potential is that there is harmony, compatibility, and the potential for friendships or romance. The negative potential indicates there could be a sense of loneliness, isolation, misunderstanding, and a relationship breaking down due to incompatibility.

The twos always indicate a need for balance. In the cups suit, this deals with emotions. There needs to be a balance of emotions between the two parties of a relationship. It also means that one person’s emotional needs shouldn’t outweigh the other’s.  When emotions become one sided, the relationship is not healthy.

This is a reminder that all relationships in life, whether they are familial, platonic, or romantic, need to have a sense of balance and each person in the relationship is important.

March is also my birth month.  I am a Pisces, so getting a water (cups) card is no surprise to me.  Hopefully, this card of balance and emotion is an indicator that the rough times in January will have even themselves out.

For the Spring or 2nd Quarter (April through June),

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Second Quarter Theme: Strength

In the past, the preceding year’s energy or theme seems to have continued until my birthday (in March), when I finally can begin to feel a shift to the next year’s energy.  This will be the end of the first quarter’s (and 2020’s) energy from the Emperor card.  The 2021 card is the Hierophant, and the 2nd quarter theme for me is the Strength card.

Strength is also sometimes known as fortitude, and it can deal with either more primal instincts or it can deal with self-control and mastery of yourself.  In a potential negative, the lack of strength can deal with a sense of fear, embarrassment, or excessive self-criticism.

I had already decided my key words to focus on in 2021 would be consistency, completion, and compassion (towards others as well as myself). I need the willpower to develop consistent writing habits and finish my manuscripts, while also allowing myself room to grow and breathe.

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

April – Eastern Position- Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is one of my three cards (based on numerology and birth date, I am a Sun-Wheel-Magician).  My birthday is in March, so to have one of my cards be the leading card for the 2nd quarter gives me a pretty good feeling.

The Wheel of fortune is a card of destiny and fate, but it also indicates there is a cycle or a change that may be about to happen. Generally, the Wheel is a good card to get, but it can also be a reminder to put some resource aside for a rainy day. It is also my Life Lesson card, which means I need to learn to accept and deal with the inevitable changes that happen in life.

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

May – 2 of Wands

This is a card of influence, authority, and control.  It can be a card that indicates strength, resolution, and courage.  (Strength theme coming in strong during May!)  But since the twos are always cards of balance, it is a warning against becoming a tyrant or being too obstinate or proud. It can also be a warning against being too hesitant. 

The thing that stood out to me is there needs to be a balance between a resolution to act and hesitancy. Do not be too resolute and ignore those around you in your pursuit of a goal. However, do not allow yourself to get bogged down in overthinking and hesitate until you lose the opportunities available to you.

Personally, I think this in indicating a need to be resolute in my path to publishing my stories.

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

June – King of Pentacles

The King of pentacles is a card that represents authority and leadership over finances and the physical realm.

It is usually used to indicate successful business or financial decisions. 

But it can also be a warning against corruption.

I am hoping that this means the decisions and resolutions made about publishing books that happens in May will begin to yield some financial results.

In regards to the physical or material realm, this is also the end of the journey for the body. Hopefully, I will have achieved all my health goals by the end of June.

For the Summer or 3rd Quarter (July through September)

Third Quarter Theme: Hierophant

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

The Hierophant is the theme for the third quarter. It is actually the card for 2021 as well. By the third quarter, the energy of the year should be in full swing. 

The Hierophant is the “teacher preacher” card.  It is a card that focuses on education, knowledge, and structure, while also placing a great deal of importance on social structure, values, morals, and traditions. 

I am hoping that with this card, the chaos of political turmoil will be completely settled and we can begin focusing on how to improve the necessary structures for our society rather than have our politicians fight for more power.

Since it is the “teacher” card, this makes me wonder if I will either find a new teaching position, or if I will begin a “teaching and tips” blog and video series.

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

July – Southern Position – 7 of Pentacles

This is a card that indicates a need for patience, perseverance, and slow growth. It is a card that is thought to indicate a financial raise, promotion, or some improvement in position. 

But it is also a card that warns against arguments, quarrels, and fights that could distract from growth and potential gains.

To me, this indicates a need to stay out of drama and focus on my own personal growth. 

The financial improvement would be lovely, especially following on the heels of the King of Pentacle card in June, which also indicates financial success.

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

August – 9 of Cups

The 9 of cups is a card of socializing.

This card indicates social events, gatherings, and a mixture of business and pleasure.

However, it is also a warning against overindulgence (of any kind – food, alcohol, etc.), indiscretion, and careless mistakes.

I hope this means that the pandemic will be completely under control and things will be back to normal. That would be lovely!

Even if the pandemic is coming under control by August, however, be sure to not get careless with social distancing and proper precautions for socializing with those who have higher risk factors of their health.

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

September – Empress

The Empress is a card of a mother figure, but it is also a card of potential, growth, creativity, and abundance. It can also be an indicator of pregnancy or a new project (brain child).

This means September is an ideal time to write, grow your business or social media, create art, etc.  There is also a friend of mine who is hoping to have a child in 2021, so I am crossing my fingers that this is an indication for her.

September is also when PitMad and PitchWars happen, and I am hoping to have one of my works in progress ready to pitch and query by that point in the year..

For the Autumn or 4th Quarter (October through December)

Fourth Quarter Theme:  8 of Cups Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

The Eight of Cups generally means that there is a feeling of the last piece of the puzzle going missing. There is a void that needs to be filled, but what you have on hand won’t do the job. 

This could mean trouble in relationships, a fear of commitment, waning interest in a person or a passion. It could also mean there might be a delay or unanticipated complications that block you from attaining your goal.

The Fourth Quarter would be a good time to re-evaluate the goals initially set for the year.

I should see if the goals I set at the beginning of the year are still applicable, see if I’ve gone off track, or are missing something to attain the goals I still wish to reach. 

It could also mean that I might lose interest in a current work in progress or book I am writing.

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

October – Western Position- 10 of Pentacles

The ten of pentacles is a card representing extended family. The positive aspect of this card suggests prosperity for the whole family, as well as satisfaction for both the emotional and the material needs. 

The possible negative aspect of this card could suggest arguments and disharmony within the family.

October is a birthday heavy month for a large portion of my family. I am hoping that the August card indicates the world will be in a safer and pandemic free mode, so that we can socialize for the birthdays in October. 

And while attending said birthday parties, I should also be careful of not getting into arguments with family members!

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

November – 3 of Pentacles

This is a card of using your artistry, skill, or creativity to make your fortune and fame. 

It also happens to fall into the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which is the time of year when writers attempt to write the first draft of a new story in 30 days.

Personally, this card makes sense to me as NaNoWriMo is one of the events that helped give me a kick in the pants and get me started on my current Works in Progress. 

The ultimate goal is to be able to make a living from the profits of my novels, so making my fame and fortune from my creativity makes sense.

Shadowscapes Tarot Illustrations by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

December – 9 of Pentacles

The nine of pentacles is a card of comfort and prosperity (especially in the material realm of things – financial or body).  It is a card that might indicate being alone, but not necessarily loneliness.

It would be lovely if I was comfortable enough in my finances by this time next year to start the process of buying my own place to live. 

It could also indicate that I will be Self Published, but not yet traditionally published by December. In regards to the physical body, it would also be lovely if I am comfortable with the strength I have gained during the year and the new exercise habits I’ve established.

For both the self-publishing and the physical confidence, this actually fits the timeline of what I would expect to happen this coming year.

What about the Oracle Cards?

The Oracle Cards seemed to be used for asking advice for the coming year.  When I used the digital card pulls, the Spirit Animal cards I received seemed to indicate I needed to focus on having real balance in my life to counter the sense of dedication and discipline needed in order to achieve my goals.

The descriptions of the Oracle cards are from Colette Baron-Reid’s website (because I am even less familiar with Oracle cards than Tarot).

Once again, HERE is the link for the virtual oracle card samples.  (Again, Not Sponsored or Affiliated)

What energy should I cultivate for this year?

Spirit Animal Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Turtle Spirit

Slow and steady wins the race. 

Put in the dedication, perseverance, and discipline towards the goals you want to attain. 

Be comfortable in your own shell.

This card is actually quite fun to get. As a child, the nickname my family gave to me was “Little Turtle.” I am also an introvert who is very comfortable in my own environment and at home. To me, this card is an indicator that I need to continue plugging away at my writing. But it is also a warning that we might be “sheltering in place” for longer than anticipated due to the pandemic.

What is the first piece of advice I should pay attention to for this year?

Spirit Animal Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Sandpiper Spirit

Be playful.

Let yourself laugh and have fun, even within the familiar and the routine aspects of life. 

This advice card is one that makes a whole lot of sense for me. I tend to become hyper focused on one particular thing at a time. But this means that I will let other things fall by the wayside, even if they are things that I enjoy or they are things that tend to help be me more creative in the long run.

This first piece of advice is a reminder to take a break from the “work” of writing to do something fun of a different type. But it is also a reminder to continue to have fun with writing.

What is the second piece of advice I should pay attention to for this year?

Spirit Animal Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Flamingo Spirit

Embrace the in-between.

Find balance.  Allow your creativity to rise and opportunities will present themselves. But remember to find balance in all things.  When your life is balanced, more inspiration will come and creativity will flow better.

This is the second advice card that seems to be reminding me to take breaks and balance out my work and fun side of life.

Interestingly, both of the “advice” pieces come in the form of birds. Birds are traditionally associated with a sense of freedom.

What is the first affirmation I should seek out for this year?

Spirit Animal Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Cow Spirit

Miracles are endless.

Your needs will be met by the universe. Pay attention to this year to focus on how to bring contentment to yourself and nourish your soul rather than being frantic about how life is turning out. 

Between the turtle and the cow oracle cards, there is a sense of needing to have a slow, steady, and deliberate pace to life and the goals I want to attain. Good things will take time and patience.

But there is also a sense that I need to rediscover the things that feed my creativity rather than just focusing on my goals. So once again, that sense of balance is popping up again.

The cow spirit also indicates a need to be flexible, to trust the universe and the things around you.

What is the second affirmation I should focus on for this year?

Spirit Animal Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Koala Spirit

The Spirit and the Universe have a plan.

Life is not a race or competition. Move slowly, but with intention.

  Your intentions will manifest themselves through your hard work, but remember to be flexible because the universe will happen on its own time.

And here we have the second card that indicates a need to trust in the universe and be flexible with what happens this year.

It is also the third card within the oracle advice cards regarding a need for a slower pace and a need for patience.

Bonus Oracle Card: What should I be aware of or wary of for the next 12 months?

Spirit Animal Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid

The Butterfly Spirit

Transformation is beautiful.

Transformation can indicate growth.

Change is a constant in life. Learn to accept this with grace and you will grow. 

Interestingly, this is the same as my Life Lesson Tarot Card: The Wheel of Fortune.

Between pulling the Wheel of Fortune for April, the Sandpiper, Flamingo, and Koala oracle cards, 2021 seems to be headed for a year that needs a great deal of patience, flexibility, and a sense of fun through the changes that will occur.

Yearly Overview Key Points

  1. Balance is going to be a necessity in 2021.
  2. A slow, steady, and deliberate approach is key to reaching your goals and developing good habits.
  3. Be Patient.
  4. Be flexible, both in work and in communicating with others.
  5. Be smart with your finances.

Confession Time:

I also did a second spread using the Steampunk Tarot Deck and the 7 Energies Oracle deck. Why use two decks, you may ask. For me, the Shadowscapes deck usually gives me very optimistic and positive readings. The Steampunk deck gives me very blunt readings (It tells you what you need to hear, even if you aren’t ready for it). 

I need some positivity and optimism in my life after 2020, so I used the Shadowscapes Deck initially. However, using the Steampunk Deck is kind of like watching a train wreck or a garbage bin fire. You shouldn’t want to watch, but it’s somehow fascinating (and now I sound like a psychopath). 

If you are interested in what the Steampunk Deck yearly overview looked like, let me know.

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