Cinderella Should Have Been A B*tch Ch 06

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Chapter 6 of Cinderella Should Have Been A B*tch is now live!

Ch. 6 – Deceiving the Sisters

Two days later, Cinderella was able to leave the house again, although it was in the company of her stepfamily. 

During the past two evenings, she made it a point to eavesdrop on her stepfamily.  Lady Ingram and her daughters did not hesitate to openly discuss their plans in their sitting room after ordering Cinderella to clean another part of the house.

Thus, Cinderella was aware of their plan to contact a shady merchant who dealt mainly in information the next time they went out.  They intended to pay the merchant for names of young noblemen who were womanizers and willing to ruin a lady’s reputation for a price. . .

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