Survey of Writers’ Favorite Idioms

What is your favorite idiom?

I’ve always been fascinated with idioms as figurative expressions of our language. Each culture has them, and we use idioms in every day speech, seemingly without noticing the lack of logic within the phrases.

“Dead as a doornail” was the first idiom that caught my attention as a young child. It was a standard example of an idiom given by my language and literature teacher at the time. Along with the definition of an idiom, my teacher challenged us to actually consider the words within the phrase.

How can a doornail be dead if it was never alive? The inherit nonsense within this phrase fascinated me.

Whenever I’ve met people from a different part of the country, or from international locations, I’ve been caught by surprise at the differing idioms we’ve used. It’s given me a lovely variety of idioms to choose from when I am writing.

But I would like to know what is YOUR favorite idiom? I’ve made a google form survey, and I would appreciate your participation. The form WILL NOT be collecting email addresses, so rest assured I will not be filling your inbox with mail.

Google Form Survey of Writers’ Favorite Idioms:

I will write additional blog posts on the responses I receive, as well as a video on my youtube channel.

Thank you so much for participating!

Jules the Dawdling Writer

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