31 Days of Writing Prompts for July 2022

July is a very busy month with it being the World Watercolor Month, Baked Bean Month, Blueberry Month, Cell Phone Courtesy Month, and so many more!

In honor of the wealth of holidays and observations, I’ve put together a list of 31 (plus a few bonus) writing prompts. These are created with fiction in mind, but they can be easily modified to suit your personal journal or nonfiction topics as well.

So here we go!

  1. In honor of World Watercolor Month, your character paints something that is odd to other characters. What is odd about it?
  2. Your characters either receive or give the recipe for a blueberry treat. (Bonus points for you if you’ve actually made the treat yourself)
  3. In honor of Anti-Boredom Month, your characters end up bored at home and cook up a crazy plan to entertain themselves. (You may want to include a bonfire or fireworks)
  4. The aftermath of a baked bean dish at dinner interrupts the serious conversation your characters are trying to have.
  5. In honor of cell phone courtesy month, create a dialogue exchange between two people on the phone. You may choose to have both sides of the conversation be civil, or have one side outraged and unhinged.
  6. Since it’s Ice Cream Month, have your characters go out for ice cream.
  7. Since it’s also Picnic Month, have your characters go on a picnic. (Anything could happen! You could even play with writing this in multiple genres.)
  8. In honor of Fragile X Awareness Month, your character encounters and interacts with someone who has an inherited intellectual disability.
  9. Christmas or Winter in July.
  10. Your character crashes a wedding. Is it intentional or not? You decide.
  11. Your character takes a road trip.
  12. Your character must use something other than a knife from the kitchen to defend themselves. What is their weapon of choice, and is it effective?
  13. Your character must deal with unexpected weather.
  14. Your character is craving a treat they can only get in the summer. What are they craving and what memories do they have of it?
  15. Your character is finally able to take their dream vacation. Is it all they expected?
  16. Your character watches or participates in an eating contest.
  17. Your character tosses something unusual on the grill. What is it and why are they attempting to grill or burn it?
  18. Your character goes to a concert.
  19. Your character goes to a zoo or aquarium. Have they been to one before? Do they enjoy the visit? Do they have a favorite animal to visit?
  20. Have your character tell a pun. (I love puns and word play!)
  21. Your character must hitchhike. How did that happen and who will stop to give them a ride? (This is another one that you may want to try writing in different genres!)
  22. Your character attends a family reunion, complete with all the drama.
  23. Your character forgets something extremely important.
  24. Your character drops something heavy. What is it, does it land where it’s meant to be, and does it survive the fall?
  25. Your character notices something in a mirror. (This is another great one to play with in multiple genres or writing styles)
  26. Your character forgives someone.  What did the other person do, and why is your character ready to forgive them at this point?
  27. Your character witnesses two very important people meeting each other for an unexpected love affair.  (You may want to swap this prompt with one from the bonus prompts if it does not fit your character’s age appropriateness)
  28. Your character must tell the truth, even if it gets them in trouble.
  29. Your character is asked to help a scientist or inventor with an experiment.  Will it go well or awry, only you can decide!
  30. Your character encounters someone with heterochromatic eyes.
  31. Your character hatches a plan to either escape prison, or to break in.

4 Bonus or Optional Writing Prompts!

  • Your character wakes up and chooses to deliberately cause chaos – all day long.
  • Your character encounters a Tarot Reader who is very insistent on giving a reading.
  • Your character encounters & interacts with a gorgeous grandma.
  • Your character has a sleepy day. What caused the tiredness and how do they combat the yawns?

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