Weekend Writing Prompt: Strangest show you’ve…

We’ve all seen a TV show or a movie that makes us wonder about elements (or even everything in it) for months and even years after first seeing it.

This weekend’s writing prompt is to reflect on the strangest show you’ve ever seen.  

What parts of the show intrigued you? What parts left you uncomfortable? Were there particular images or motifs that kept popping up in your memory whenever you think about it?

This weekend’s prompt is inspired by one of my “strangest” movies that I often think about, years after I first saw it: Mirrormask (2005).  It’s written by Niel Gaiman, who writes wonderful YA psychological books (among many other great books).

Of course, Doctor Who was a top contender, as well.  😀 And I haven’t made it all the way through Black Mirror, but that may end up on my list for a future revisit to this prompt.

What is the strangest show you’ve ever seen?  Let me know if you have a recommendation for one I should absolutely see!