Writing Prompt: Early Holiday Display

You are enjoying the summer day as you walk up to your local grocery store. All of the sudden, grinning skeletal jack-o-lanterns are laughing at you from a prominent display at the front of the store. (Feel free to substitute Christmas trees because they’ll be here soon, too.)

Happy Halloween! (from July to October 31st)

What do you do when you encounter early holiday displays?

Do you celebrate and grab 10 things off the display table? Do you cackle maniacally as you plan out your entire redecoration scheme?

Do you mutter about how many months are left before the actual holiday arrives? Do you want to find the marketing executives who ordered this early display and shake a fist in front of their faces?

Write about your thoughts (or your character’s thoughts) upon encountering an unexpectedly early holiday display.

This week’s inspiration is the Halloween display at the front of my local Kroger store on the last week of July.

Do You Celebrate Early or Think It’s An Evil Marketing Ploy? Let me know in the comments!

I like to celebrate Halloween a wee bit early, but I refuse to celebrate the Christmas season until Black Friday (after Thanksgiving).

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