Plan With Me: August 2018 Bullet Journal

Do you like to procrastinate by organizing things or making them pretty? Me, too, which is one reason why I have been so attracted to bullet journals lately.

I dawdled around (as usual) and had trouble keeping up with it for very long. However, I finally went ahead and set up the entire month’s worth of spreads, so I thought I would share.


My theme for August is celestial bodies and crystals. I liked both, couldn’t decide, and wound up using both. Here is what my month cover page looks like:

For the month at a glance, I initially had the calendar spread over both pages, but I wound up not having much space for notes and goals. So I erased it all (thank goodness for pencils and erasers!).

I wound up putting the month view on one page with the birthdays, notes, and goals on the other side. This also left me room to doodle a crystal, so that made me happy.


After the month-at-a-glance spread, I included an expense tracker. I am trying to save money to pay off the student loan, the car loan, and save up for an even more expensive degree (the Doctorate).

On the left side is the variable expenses spread, where I will be recording what I buy and whether I use cash or credit for the purchase. On the right side is the fixed costs (such as the loan repayments, rent, insurance, etc.), as well as a space for me to calculate what my total savings for the month is.


I also have a box to remind myself of what my monthly saving goals are (how much I want to put into my savings accounts), and the last box is for me to reflect on my spending habits at the end of the month. What areas can I cut down on spending too much in, that kind of thing.

For the weekly spreads, I was inspired by @martyplanner on Instagram. The top half of the two page spread has 6 days of the week, with Sunday’s box living in the lower right corner.

The bottom half of the two pages has places to record (from the left) notes, weight loss tracker (optional), water tracker, sleep tracker, and grocery lists.


Martyplanner’s Instagram has several great ideas for what small trackers to include in your weekly spread. If you haven’t seen her account, you might want to look her up.

After making box after box, I needed a bit more fun, so I included my quote to keep in mind for the month.

“Believe in the Universe. Step into the Great Unknown.” Things are changing in my life and I need to keep this in mind so that I can stay positive and trust the process.


Because I am intentionally trying to stay positive, I thought I should include a mood tracker for the first time. I decided that it should be sun shaped and use variants of warm colors. (I thought about doing an astrolabe, but I think I’ll save that for a steampunk theme).


The last spreads are related to this blog. I need to make sure that I keep myself accountable for writing and posting, so I created a place for me to write it down, which hopefully will help.

I also included a space to write down ideas. How often do you remember your ideas, even if you don’t write them down? My ideas seem to go back into the universe they were from, so I have to jot them down if I want to keep them.


The last page of this month is a blog reflection page. I like to analyze my writing and look for ways to keep improving, so hopefully this will help.


What kinds of spreads do you like to include in your bullet journal? Are there any kinds of spreads that you just can’t live without?

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