Weekend Writing Prompt: If you could have a monster pet…

Have you ever imagined having a dragon or a vampire as a pet? Just think of all the trouble (and fun) you could cause by letting out your pet pterodactyl at the mall.

Pick a “monster” that your heart has always wanted as a pet, and write a story about what it’s like to own that pet.

This week’s inspiration comes from a phone conversation with a friend. Her family is going through paperwork to adopt a new dog, and I happened to spy a little fluffy Godzilla, who was really hard to resist bringing to my nephews.

Mini- Godzilla: Will terrorize Lego cities for hugs

I immediately started thinking about all of the Lego and Kinects toy cities that this adorable Godzilla could wreck or save, depending on the day.

I’d love to have a Godzilla or a dragon for a pet, what about you? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt: If you could have a monster pet…

  1. Lovely! Dragons are excellent, and you’d never have to fear burglars breaking into your house to take your treasures! I’d like a Phoenix. I think having an immortal fire bird would be cool, though I’d probably have to live in a desert or ocean…
    Maybe start a glass business… :p


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