Weekend Writing Prompt: Buyer’s Remorse

You’ve waited for months or even years to purchase something. Maybe it’s a gaming system, a new kitchen, a car, or even a new house after retirement. As time goes by, you build it up in your mind, imagining all the great details, all the fun times you’ll have. And then you finally get it.

Once you finally get what you’ve desired for so long, you realize that it isn’t actually all that great. Think of it as long-term buyer’s remorse rather than the kind that happens as soon as you walk out of the store. What do you do now?

Do you try to make the best out of the choice that you’ve already made? Do you go back and try to exchange it? Do you sell it for close to the original price and go in search of a “better version”?

Inspired By: My parents are in the market for a “retirement home” now that they are both retired and looking to downsize. We won a bid on a nice place near my brother’s family and went to see it as a whole family.

It was a lovely piece of property, with a house and an additional barn with a loft apartment upstairs. It seemed to be exactly the thing we were looking for! Hardwood flooring, large garage, barn for Dad’s workshop, the loft apartment space for eventual renting. 1.5 Acres of land, close to the brother’s family (which means more time with his little kids!), and lots of things that seemed like great pluses. (Does anybody else think that looks weird – plus-es?)

However…. We bid over the asking price and said we would pay the closing fees, which adds up to a very large chunk of change. And then we realized how much repairwork would need to be done on the house, not to mention the barn, and worked out that it is not a financially good decision. So the parental unit will be backing out of the contract during the “due diligence” period.

Let me know what was your item that you imagined to be perfect only to find out it wasn’t!

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