Weekend Writing Prompt: An orc, a kobald, and a dryad crash a wedding

An unlikely trio of an orc, kobald, and a dryad show up uninvited to a wedding. Do they know each other? Who’s wedding is it? Are they there for the food and drink, to stop the wedding, or just passing through as they run away from adventurers?

Imagine all the chaos that this trio will cause!

Inspiration: I’ve been reading a bunch of fantasy and wuxia transmigration novels online lately, and I keep waiting for the hidden jokes about unlikely pairings showing up to the bar.

However, the bar or tavern location lends itself to many one-liner jokes, but not quite as much fun or shenanigans as a wedding could.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt: An orc, a kobald, and a dryad crash a wedding

  1. Haha! That would be a lovely story! Good idea! I hope you write it and post it. 🙂 My money would be on the orc’s battle rage, though not if the kobold possessed a doll. :p The Dryad, however, might unleash a fury if she found out one of her friends had been the wooden pew she sat on during the ceremony. 😉


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