101 Excuses for Not Writing

This past weekend’s writing prompt was to create a list of all the excuses for not doing something. One of the top things that I procrastinate is writing (hence the name of my blog), so here is a list of all the excuses I have used to dawdle around rather than writing.

This list is rather ridiculous, but making it, facing all the excuses, and realizing that they are all excuses will hopefully make me a bit more productive. The first step is to acknowledge you have a problem, right? Well, here are 101 excuses for not writing.

I should be writing right now, but…

  1. I’m just too tired right now
  2. I need coffee/tea first
  3. I’m just not feeling inspired
  4. I don’t know what to write
  5. I can’t clearly express what I want to say
  6. I don’t have time
  7. I’m too busy
  8. I feel like reading today
  9. I feel like nobody wants to read it anyway
  10. I think my idea was too boring to write down
  11. I don’t want people to criticize me/ troll me for my controversial opinion on this topic
  12. I don’t have ideas that are completely new
  13. I have a headache
  14. I have a backache
  15. My but hurts from sitting in this chair all day
  16. I’m PMSing
  17. I have a cold
  18. I’m hungry and need a snack
  19. I’ll do it later tonight
  20. I’ll do it tomorrow
  21. I’ll spend all weekend on it
  22. I need the money from my first, second, or third job
  23. I’ll have time to do it after I finish work
  24. I’ll do it on my lunch break
  25. I have to leave for work in 30 minutes, and I can’t write anything in that short amount of time
  26. I’m waiting for someone to come work on the [house, yard, plumbing, electricity, pest control, etc.]
  27. I’ll just write full time once I retire
  28. My writing desk needs organizing
  29. I should really organize my pens and art supplies
  30. Blogger A just posted about how to write more efficiently and I need to read that first
  31. Pinterest had a link to an article about this topic, let me go find it
  32. I need to read this book on SEO and marketing for my blog/ebook
  33. I need to go to bed early so I won’t be tired
  34. I overslept and now I need to catch up on emails/work
  35. There’s a meeting/lesson/presentation tomorrow that I need to prepare for
  36. The house needs vacuuming
  37. The dishes need washing
  38. I’m out of clothes and need to do laundry
  39. It’s almost lunch/dinner time and I need to cook
  40. I need to research this topic a bit more
  41. I’ll just take 5 minutes to check my Instagram/ Facebook/ Any Social Media Platform
  42. I need to check Twitter to see what [insert celebrity name] tweeted today
  43. I need to wait on poll results from the question I asked my followers on [social media platform]
  44. I’ll just watch one YouTube video before I start
  45. I’ll check the news headlines first
  46. I need to go on a walk/get my exercise in first.
  47. My pet is demanding attention
  48. My pet made a mess and it has to be cleaned up
  49. My pet needs to go to the park
  50. My pet needs to go to the vet
  51. My children are demanding attention
  52. My children made a mess and it has to be cleaned up
  53. I need to take my children to visit relatives
  54. I need to help my children with [task of your choice]
  55. My significant other is demanding attention
  56. My significant other made a mess and it has to be cleaned up
  57. I need to take my significant other to the doctor
  58. I need to visit my relatives
  59. I need to visit my in-laws
  60. I need a girls’/guys’ night out so I can get inspired
  61. Just let me take this phone call real quick
  62. I need groceries and this is the best time of the day to go shopping
  63. Today is the discount day at [insert store name], and there will be bargains
  64. I can’t concentrate without my [insert item of your choice]
  65. I can’t write without music, and I haven’t found the right music for this scene
  66. There’s too much noise
  67. There are too many distractions
  68. I’ve got a big event tonight, and I need extra time to get ready for that
  69. I haven’t clearly figured out where I want this scene to go, so I won’t write it yet
  70. I don’t like this idea, so I’ll shelve it for later
  71. My computer needs charging
  72. I don’t have a pencil or pen
  73. I don’t have any more paper
  74. I need a new notebook for this new idea, so I gave to go to the store
  75. I’ll start right after I finish this episode of [insert your favorite TV show title]
  76. I just got a notification that So-and-So just went live on Twitch or Instagram TV
  77. [Your Favorite YouTube Channel] just posted a video
  78. My Significant Other is being a jerk
  79. My Significant Other invited me out to a date night
  80. I think I read this phrase in So-and-so’s book, so I need to re-read and make sure I’m not plagiarizing.
  81. I should be doing something that benefits others instead
  82. I need to attend this charity event
  83. I have to go to a wedding
  84. So-and-so is having a baby shower this afternoon
  85. So-and-so just had a baby, and I need to go visit them in the hospital
  86. I need to attend a funeral
  87. I keep getting interrupted by [person’s name]
  88. My computer has the blue screen of death
  89. The wifi shut off and I can’t access my draft
  90. My computer file has mysteriously vanished
  91. I should write the book proposal first to see if anyone actually wants my book
  92. I need to find an editor
  93. I need to find an agent
  94. I need to find an artist for my covers
  95. I need to research publishing houses to see which one is more likely to pick up my book
  96. I need to research self-publishing
  97. I need to find a contest to submit my previous work to (for monetary and fame rewards)
  98. I need to edit what I’ve already written rather than write more
  99. I don’t want to get rejected again
  100. I can’t get into “the zone”
  101. I’m just being lazy

I’d love to know what your favorite excuse is! I think my go-to has been either that I’m not motivated, or that I need to edit what I’ve already written.

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