Writing Prompt: List All Your Excuses

Your Mission: Create a list of all of the excuses you have used for why you haven’t done something yet.

This could be a list on:

  • Why you haven’t been writing
  • Why you haven’t started school for a further degree
  • Why you haven’t found a new job
  • Why you haven’t lost weight/gotten healthier
  • Why you haven’t gotten the pet you’ve always wanted
    • Any Kind of Excuse List You Want!

And on this list, you should write down all the variations of excuses that you have given yourself and others. Once this is done, hopefully we (I’ll be doing this, too) can stop using these excuses and get to be more productive.

I will be creating a list spread for this in my bullet journal, so that I can keep it as a handy this year.

I am focusing on my Excuses for Not Writing List, and I have over 50 excuses listed at the moment. Let me know how many excuses are on your list!

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