Weekend Writing Prompt: The Elevator with Trap Floor

The Elevator doors slide open to reveal sleek chrome walls and a square-within-a-square brass inlay design. You step in and stand at the control panel, which leaves you on the outer floor design.

Several others enter after you, and disperse themselves as far away from each other as the elevator allows. After pushing all of the requested floors, the doors slide closed and the elevator begins to descend.

A loud clank resounds and the elevator hitches to a halt. While looking around at each other, you notice that the inner square of the elevator floor is beginning to swing open, which would lead only to the cavernous elevator shaft below…

Inspiration: I had a dream about this particular elevator, only it had the added horror of descending at roller coaster speeds with people trying to hang onto the edge of the trap door only to be dragged under the tracks. It was a very scary dream.

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