Book Crush Week Day 6

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June 13: Necrowriter: Which character would you resurrect? Why?

Most characters that are killed off are done so for a reason.  Usually to make the main character face the seriousness or the finality of situations.  Most of the time, I do not argue with a writer’s choice.

That being said, (SPOILERS) I would choose to resurrect the Female Lead in a manga called Psychic Academy. 

She died and there was no reason for her to have died other than to make room for a different female to be at the side of the main character. 

If you didn’t like the female lead as the romantic interest of the male lead, then don’t write so many volumes that set this girl up to be the romantic pair and the female lead.

Why did you have to kill her off like that? It makes no sense!

I read this years ago, and I still have not figured out a reason for the author to kill the character off. So I’m still mad.

Also, Hodor. I cried so many times with George R. R. Martin’s books. But Hodor was a bad one.

Which character would you choose to resurrect?

The final Book Crush Week Prompt (day 7) will be up 6/14/2020 at 10 AM EST.

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