Book Crush Week Day 7 (End)

#bookcrushweek is a writing prompt and journaling challenge hosted on Instagram by @alliearnestwrites @camgillings @cam_meze and @authorbeccaday

Source: @alliearnestwrites Instagram

June 14:  Zombie Writer: If you could write a bestseller after eating an author’s brain, whose brain will you devour?

I would choose to eat Nora Roberts’s brains or skills. 

She is disciplined enough to sit down and write every single day for a full working day, she writes at least one book every 4 to 6 months, and the majority of them all end up on the bestseller’s lists.

She writes under both her regular name and her JD Robb pen name, and she has books for both names coming out regularly. 

I admire her work ethic and the consistency with which she puts out good books.

In the fantasy realm, I would love to eat JRR Tolkien’s brain.

The Lord of the Rings is so well written and planned out, that it has resonated with many people over several generations. I love the epic scale of the novel, as well as the shifting point of views between the characters.

Which author brain would you eat?

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