Bullet Journal 2019: January Review and February Setup

As January ends, we are now one month into our 2019 bullet journal. Today we will be going over how I set up my year-long spreads, my January pages, and how I am setting up for February. Of course, being The Dawdling Writer, we are doing this very last minute.

Note: All the pictures are in galleries, so you should be able to click on them to see them in a much larger size. Let me know if it doesn’t work!

When I set up for the year, I did not choose a particular overarching theme, but I tried to keep most of the pages tied together with light purple and grey.

I have a quote spread on the front inside cover, followed by a combined future log and calendar at a glance. This is followed by a Grid Cheat Sheet, which lets you easily figure out how many boxes are in half, a third, or a quarter of the page. I believe I first saw this on Amanda Rach Lee’s YouTube channel, and I liked it, so I copied it for my journal. Next is my Bucket List and Achievements page, which I will be adding to all year long.

I have several pages of “Year in Pixels” trackers, although none of them are for my mood. I have this pixel tracker for spending, writing, exercise, and water intake habits.

(I found that trying to attach a single mood to an entire day just did not work for me, and I would rather use the pixel tracker for completed actions)

Along with my daily writing tracker from the pixels section, I also have several pages dedicated to my blog and tracking the growth as I get better at posting reliably (still not there yet, sorry!)

Next are my entertainment pages. The first double spread is my To Be Read Shelf. About half of what is currently written are books on writing. If you want to see that full list, visit my blog post on my 2019 TBR Shelf: Books on Writing.

The next double page spread is my “Listen and Look” page, which includes podcasts, TV shows, upcoming music and movie releases, YouTube and Twitch channels that I hear about, and any anime series that I am interested in.

Like many of us, I need to lose a bit (a large chunk) of weight this year. So I have a milestones tracker, as well as a non-scale victory page for me to celebrate a healthier body rather than just numbers.

I have an additional page for Non-Dairy tasty foods that I find over the year. It took a while, but I figured out that milk products were the culprit in quite a few of my near-emergency bathroom runs, so I’ve started to cut it out. But I still like the taste of milk-based foods, so I am on a quest this year to find tasty alternatives.

Next in the journal is my spreads for January. I decided that I wanted to go with a winter theme, so I chose a pine green, a blue, and I decorated the pages with gold snowflakes drawn with a gel pen.

Do you think it was too many colors? I felt like it was a little bit all over the place color-wise.

This next gallery is the photos for February. I decided to go with a Cherry Blossom theme to cut down on the differences in the colors.

I also decided that since I kept losing track of how much water I was drinking in a day, that I needed to add a water tracker during the weekly spreads. There are now boxes with 8 grid spaces for the 8 glasses a day.

I haven’t included the double page monthly spread because I tend to use Google calendar and the calendar on my refrigerator, so in my last journal, it sat unused. Same thing for my budget and expenses spread, since I do my banking online, I felt like the spread wasn’t that useful for me.

Do you like the minimal(ish) weekly spread?

Do you prefer to have quotes or no quotes for the month page?