Weekend Writing Prompt: Strangest show you’ve…

We’ve all seen a TV show or a movie that makes us wonder about elements (or even everything in it) for months and even years after first seeing it.

This weekend’s writing prompt is to reflect on the strangest show you’ve ever seen.  

What parts of the show intrigued you? What parts left you uncomfortable? Were there particular images or motifs that kept popping up in your memory whenever you think about it?

This weekend’s prompt is inspired by one of my “strangest” movies that I often think about, years after I first saw it: Mirrormask (2005).  It’s written by Niel Gaiman, who writes wonderful YA psychological books (among many other great books).

Of course, Doctor Who was a top contender, as well.  😀 And I haven’t made it all the way through Black Mirror, but that may end up on my list for a future revisit to this prompt.

What is the strangest show you’ve ever seen?  Let me know if you have a recommendation for one I should absolutely see!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt: Strangest show you’ve…

  1. This will sound stupid, but one of the top strangest things I’ve ever watched is the fireplace scene in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The scary music, Maleficent’s face, Aurora’s hypnosis…chills! Definitely wouldn’t fly in the average kid movie today. 😉


    1. I agree with you! There are so many creepy things that happened in the old fairy tales! And Disney definitely tries to keep some of the creepy vibes for the villain.

      The first time that I read the older Cinderella versions (the ones where the sisters lose parts of their feet and their eyes), I was really freaked out!


  2. I don’t blame you. 😦 at least they didn’t mutilate people in Cinderella! (Though the stepmother locking Cinderella in her room was a little creepy)

    Just a thought: have you seen Labyrinth? Also a good example of strange and downright scary!


      1. I have mixed feelings about it. Some days, it’s like, “this is awesome! I could watch this all day!” Other days it’s “What the proverbial crap am I subjecting myself to?” There is no in between. :p

        On that note, I will admit David Bowie did a stunning performance and enthralls the audience in every scene he is in. That can’t be taught, and labyrinth remains unique to this day. 😀

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  3. By the way, I have a question. These writing prompts in your blog…do you encourage your readers to write brief stories in the comments section that are inspired by these prompts? (like a conversation with the talking lizard) Because that would be awesome! If I misunderstood, I apologize. I just think it’s a cool idea. 🙂


      1. There once was a lizard who walked across my path. Green little thing, his eyes full of wrath.
        “What are you looking at?” he asked in a huff. “You think because you’re bigger that I’m not tough?”
        Appalled at the rudeness, I stutter and gape. The lizard’s eyes narrow as he says, “be quiet, ape!”
        “How dare you?” I find my voice at last. “We’ve only just met, and you’re mean this fast?”
        The lizard doesn’t answer, but scurries away instead. Leaving me alone with the thoughts in my head. For the rest of my life I avoided such lizards. So much so I moved north where there’s blizzards. Never again did a lizard snap at me. But then again, I’m as cold as can be.
        Thanks for the writing challenge! 😊 Keep posting!

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