NaNoWriMo 2019 Breaking 16K words!

If each word was an ant, I’d have an anthill.

Hopefully they aren’t fire ants.

In all seriousness, I am quite ecstatic to have broken the 15 thousand, let alone the 16 thousand, word mark. It means that I am still on track in regards for the 50K goal by the end of November.

Day 9 of NaNoWriMo 2019

I even completed two additional scenes in chapter 5, one and a half scenes in chapter 6, and took notes on what I wanted to happen in chapter 7.

I followed along with a trend I saw a few AuthorTubers do (namely Becca C. Smith and Kate Cavanaugh) to draw a mindfulness reading with either Oracle or Tarot cards. Yesterday, I drew the Hermit, which means to retreat and get away from your distractions in order to find your own truth or voice. Today, I drew the Page of Wands, which is a card that is supposed to indicate creativity and inspiration. So I focused on being creative, and let the words flow!

Page of Wands can indicate creativity and inspiration.

My hero has found a mentor, obtained a familiar, met the requirements to enter the mages’ academy, disguised his weakness, left his hometown, encountered the heroine, and entered the academy.

Next up he will have a direct encounter with a deity, meet a healer who will become his friend, and get in a fight.

While I am very pleased with my word count progress, I know that I will need to finish more scenes and chapters in order to complete the first draft by November 30th. Progress is being made, however, and small, slow progress is better than none at all.

Technology Tidbit: I am discovering that I quite like a lot of the features for Scrivener, and I am quickly getting used to at least the basics of it’s word processor software. (I still haven’t done anything fancy with it.) To be fair, however, I am not seeing a great deal of difference while doing the basics of writing. I think the noticeable differences will become apparent when it is time to edit (aka move large chunks of text around) and to compile the bits and pieces.

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