NaNoWriMo 2019 Accomplishing Everything I Set Out To Do On Day 10

My goals were to get the day’s word count, finish the last half of chapter 6, completely write chapter 7, and get the first half of chapter 8 done. And I did all of it.

I also managed to completely blow the daily word count goal out of the water and I reached 20,000 words!

Which means that I have earned my second reward for this year’s NaNoWriMo! Tomorrow I will be baking matcha (green tea) shortbread cookies.

I did another mindfulness reading today and pulled the King of Pentacles, which is a card that indicates the growth, stability, and then the spreading of creativity.

Indicates the growth, stability, and then the spreading of creativity and wealth

I am at the point in Project Gravely Mistaken, my current Work-In-Progress – a YA fantasy, where the protagonist is in a new environment. He has attended the opening ceremony for the mages’ academy, gotten a message from an unexpected source, made direct contact with his patron deity, gotten in an argument with an aristocratic teenager, made new friends, and gotten in another fight.

I’ve started to use the icons in Scrivener to indicate which of my chapters were completed.

Changing the Chapter Icons to Green Checks when they are Complete

Things are moving right along!

Also, tomorrow’s vlog on my Dawdling Writer YouTube channel will be my 11th video on 11-11-2019. It wasn’t planned, I promise!

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